Welcome to the Money area. If you are looking for ways to ensure the safety of the money that you have saved then Identity Theft Protection is essential for you. If you want to check your credit report to see where you stand with the bank then there are services available here. There are also legal services to help you with any legal issues you may have. Always read the terms and conditions thoroughly.


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Welcome to our money area. Here you can find companies that provide you with access to your credit report for a monthly subscription. Find out what lenders see when they review your credit / loan application and keep check who is viewing your file while preventing ID fraud. To go direct to the credit report area, click on the link below.

Credit Reports / Credit Reporting Agencies

From the first time you take a loan, your credit report is created. Whenever you apply for credit or borrow money, this will show up in your file. Lenders and banks may access your credit report to decide how suitable you are for their products; your file serves as a history of how consistent you are with paying your financial obligations. If your history shows a bad record then it is less likely that you will be accepted for loans and credit.

Today, many of the main credit reporting agencies and their sister companies offer a service for customers to view their report online. This is subject to a monthly subscription fee and allows customers to keep up to date with their report, request mistakes to be corrected and prevent ID fraud.

Identity Theft Protection

Identity theft is a crime which unfortunately strikes often in Canada. An unwitting member of society has their personal information (such as bank details, credit card details) infiltrated by a criminal who therefore has 'stolen' your identity. Identity thieves will use this to buy large items, open rental contracts, cellphone contracts or apply for loans. Your credit file is damaged and you are left picking up the pieces after they have maxed your bank account and credit card.

Luckily you can get help. Thanks to numerous expert identity theft protection services you can set up fraud alerts on your credit report, monitor for suspicious behaviour on your bank accounts, and subscribe to check your own file on a frequent basis. Receive tips and guidance on how to protect yourself from ID crime today with identity theft protection services!

Legal Services

If you have been in an accident or suffered an injury that wasn't your fault, suffered side effects from a commercial product or been treated unfairly you may have a legal case worth pursuing. You may want to enlist the help of one of the legal services listed below. With the assistance of a good legal service, you could receive financial compensation for your suffering or loss. Many legal services can take your case and win compensation for you without even having to take the matter to the courts.

Most legal services can assess and advice free of charge in the initial part of the process, so you can get help for free. Once they have determined whether you have a legitimate case, you can rest in the knowledge that an expert is dealing with your situation.


Claims service providers are there to help you make that one important claim, whether it be a accident at work or maybe a accident in your automobile that wasn't your fault, claims service providers can help you with any issues surrounding this. When dealing with a claim, the provider will guide you the whole way through the claim and make sure you make all the right decisions. When dealing with a claim, the claim service providers work closely with the legal representatives also, so they can make sure all the correct procedures are followed.

Claims Service providers can mostly be found online, this is normal applied for with a quick and easy survey, which allows them the work out the best claim service provider for that particular claim. When dealing with a claim you need to ensure you have the correct people dealing with your claim so you can achieve what you are entitled to.

Debt Management

When it comes to facing the dreaded word debt, the best way on the market at present is Debt Management . With debt management you can manage all the debt that needs repaying into a affordable monthly repayment plan . This can be set up by debt management providers who will work alongside closely with the creditors involved in your personal situation. Everyone knows the worry of waiting for that hefty bill to arrive at the end of the month, or if you know yourself you have over spent on the credit card . The best way to stop all this worry is to get involved with a debt management company.

Many debt management companies can also offer a debt consolidation loan or a creditors agreement, this can also help with the worry you may be having surrounding the debt.

Checking Accounts

As most people are aware there are a numerous of different checking accounts available . When it comes to choosing the correct one suitable to your personal requirements , you should always remember what the particular features are you are looking for when choosing the account for you. Whilst searching for the checking account for you , please remember to check all the terms and conditions as there can be something's that some accounts have and others are missing.

The great thing about checking accounts is that you can keep a close eye on the activity within your personal account , therefore it's always a good idea to keep a note of all the recent transactions within that account. Most checking accounts come with monthly fees to allow the account to be live , therefore when choosing the correct account always make sure that the monthly fees are affordable to you and that they are covering all the benefits you need the account for.

Savings Accounts

Here you will find a short list of frequently asked questions from people who are thinking about activating a savings account.

How long does it take to activate a savings account ? If you are a new client with that particular provider you should allow 10 - 13 working days for the account to be submitted.

Is there a daily limit on how many transactions can be transferred into the savings account ? No , there is no daily limit applied to the savings account transactions.

Can a savings account be opened for an estate or as part of a trust ? Yes , you can open a account as a estate or part of a trust but all dealings must be dealt with in the branch providing the account . You cannot do any dealings via the Telephone or internet banking.


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