Welcome to our Currency Exchange area. If you are looking to transfer money overseas then we can help you find the cheapest and most efficient money transfer services available. Whether you are a private or corporate individual the foreign exchange specialists listed can help you with your international money transfer needs. Remittance services are also available.


Compare Currency Exchange

Whether you are looking for money exchange, currency exchange or a safe way to send large amounts of money overseas, or if you want to set up a regular small currency transfer abroad, you can choose from two types of currency exchange / money exchange service on Which Way To Pay Canada.

If you want the best exchange rates foreign currency exchange brokers offer a fast, highly secure and low priced method of sending and receiving money to almost anywhere in the world. Dealing directly with the 'forex' (foreign exchange) market, foreign exchange brokers can offer the best exchange rates and a level of expertise that is unparalleled.

Foreign Currency Exchange for Private Clients

Whatever your reason for sending a large amount of money abroad or currency exchange (around $3,000 and above), you can find a low cost and secure way of doing this by using foreign exchange or money exchange brokers. You could also go to your nearest bank, but the foreign exchange rates they offer to clients are much poorer than those you will be offered from foreign exchange brokers. Foreign exchange firms will offer the best exchange rates.

This is because banks are in general very large corporations that cover a very wide spectrum of services, whereas foreign currency exchange or money exchange is a specialist area and foreign exchange companies deal solely in currency exchange services for private and corporate clients. The foreign exchange rates they offer are usually very close to the 'Interbank rate', because they take a much smaller margin than big banks do. Most foreign currency exchange brokers take no fee for large transfers and commission is either very small or will not feature at all.

So, whether you are emigrating abroad and need to set up foreign currency transfers, if you have purchased an overseas property or if you simply want to send a large amount to an overseas bank account, highly qualified foreign currency exchange brokers can be your middlemen. Compare their exchange rates and offers in our comparison area. You should get the best exchange rates.

Foreign Currency Exchange for Corporate Clients

Most foreign exchange brokerages offer two separate areas for private and corporate clients. This is to provide each entity with the level of service it requires. Corporate clients often require business foreign exchange services dealing with large volumes of foreign currency trade, be it for settlement of overseas goods, payment of staff in other countries or for pure and direct trading for investment.

As a corporate client you will receive a bespoke service from foreign exchange brokers, with a wide variety of options to give you the optimum currency capabilities. Foreign exchange companies are contactable directly via telephone or email and they will be on hand to discuss your firm's requirements. Require hedging to cap your firm's risk exposure? Foreign exchange brokers will provide a tailor made service and will go through the options with you, from standard forward contracts and options to more complex business foreign exchange strategies. You should also get the best exchange rates.

Each time you require a transaction or trade, foreign currency exchange brokers will quote you the latest exchange rate, usually at a highly competitive level and never far from the inter-bank rate. To get the ultimate business foreign exchange service, consider your company's software requirements and whether you want a full advisory or execution-only account. Foreign exchange brokers will be able get the best exchange rates.

Money Transfer Online for Smaller Transfers

There are now lots of ways to send smaller amounts of money to pretty much anywhere in the world. You could find money transfer companies that operate a branch service and can send money online remember to take your passport because they will need to see your ID to carry out the money transfer. Another option is to use one of many highly professional online money transfer services.

Online money transfer services offer a cheap way to send money online to and from all corners of the globe and the exchange rates they offer are much better than those which are offered at a traditional bank. Money Transfer services offer a range of transfer methods this could be a fast online-account method, email-to-email or online bank transfer. Choose whichever money transfer method suits you and your recipient.


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