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Welcome to the card area of the site. Choose between a wide variety of credit card types – from reward cards, traditional cards and premium credit cards, you're sure to find one that suits you. To go direct to the card comparison page, click on the link below.

Credit Cards

Choosing a credit card can seem like a massive job – there are so many card companies and types of credit cards on the market today each with their own offers and deals. By using Which Way To Pay Canada you can view some of the leading credit cards providers listed out clearly. You can compare what features are unique to each company and what credit cards cost.

Have a look at important factors when comparing credit cards like the borrowing rate – the APR (Annual Percentage Rate). Next, compare balance transfer fees and if there is an annual fee. Many credit card companies offer special features and rewards like air miles earned each time you spend money with the card. Take your time to find the perfect deal.

Secured Credit Cards

If you have in the past had financial difficulties or are a recent immigrant to Canada with little, no or a bad credit history, it is often hard to get approved for a credit card. If this is similar to a situation you are in, secured credit cards could be the answer you are looking for.

A secured credit card can be used to help you to establish or rebuild your credit and at the same time they give you the freedom and convenience of access to credit when you find that you need it most. Secured credit cards are secured by funds you deposit with the provider which is used as collateral. Your credit limit would be determined by the amount of security you deposit to receive the secured credit card and access your credit.

Reward Credit Cards

Spending and receiving rewards for doing so – sounds like a great idea! Rewards credit cards are very popular in Canada, and there are a great many to choose from. Reward credit cards are just like regular credit cards – use them anywhere around the world to pay for goods and services, and withdraw cash from ATM machines – but with the added bonus that you can collect points to redeem at selected retailers.

Popular types of reward cards include those with are connected to an airline or petrol chain; collect enough points and you could even win a flight or full tank of petrol! Reward credit cards are usually available for every kind of budget but you may need to have a good credit history to get an offer. If you have problems with your credit score, try poor credit rating credit cards (also compared on Which Way To Pay).

Business Credit Cards

Regardless of the size of your business, it is likely that you require a good way to manage your business-related finances. Large corporations use business credit cards to control expenses across a large number of employees and regions, yet even small businesses can benefit from better cash management and use business credit cards to control spending.

Business credit cards are widely available in Canada and the US, and card firms offer an excellent range of types – to suit all needs. Use business credit cards to pay for any business-related matters (new equipment, services used etc) so that you can separate business and other expenses, or use a number of business credit cards if you have several employees. Control how and where they spend with account management and expense reports, often offered together with business credit cards. You may even find business credit cards that have extra benefits, including cashback programs or reward schemes.

Student Credit Cards

Student credit cards should be used responsibly by students and their main goal should be to help you stay out of short term debt but more importantly to help you build up some credit history. When used properly, student credit cards are great to help you establish credit history, which you will be very pleased about when you leave high school or college. When searching for a student credit card you should also look out for any good reward deals that are on offer. Many student credit cards now reward you for your hard work and studying so make sure you check out the rewards on offer.

Student credit cards should be used with caution – for in times of emergency. Most student credit cards have a low credit limit so you can’t get yourself into too much debt but if you don’t make your monthly repayments then the debt can quickly add up. You should also make sure you check the APR when you take out a student credit card, this can sometimes be higher than other credit cards due to the risky nature of students ( more often than not students do not have a regular income).

Charge Cards

Charge cards are often confused with regular credit cards – some people even exchange the terms to mean one or the other. However, charge cards are not exactly the same as credit cards, even if they do share many similarities.

Charge cards are designed for people who can manage their money well – the card holder is required to pay their balance in full at the end of each month. As such, they receive either no or a higher credit limit and can enjoy more financial freedom. Yet while a regular credit card holder can pay a part of their balance each month, those with charge cards must pay it in full – and on time. Charge cards carry many great benefits but they may be more suited to people with a higher income and a good credit score.

Poor Credit Rating Credit Cards

When a poor or bad credit rating stands in your way, you can take steps to change the situation. Aside from seeking advice and guidance on paying off debt, you can find products designed and aimed specially at you such as poor credit rating credit cards. So, even if you have a low income, have debts to your name or are in another 'undesirable' category (including self employed or unemployed), you could still get access to credit with poor rating credit cards.

Poor credit rating credit cards usually carry special features to help you: the most important one allows you to build or re-build your credit rating. With clever management of these poor rating credit cards you could improve your record and your future chances of being accepted for other loans and credit cards. Cards for people with a poor credit rating often send out reports to the main credit bureaus on a regular basis, so that the message is spread out there – you are getting better and you are capable of managing your finances!

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards are proving to be very popular worldwide, especially in Canada. The positive thing about the prepaid card is the fact that you can control the funds on the card, and are not being faced with debt at the end. You as the card holder are able to manage and take care of all the spending that is done on the card. Prepaid cards are also a great saving method for things such as holidays . special occasions etc.

Usually the prepaid cards are issued by the leading card providers Visa or MasterCard, this allows you to have the financial protection with the card. The great thing about the prepaid card is they can be used almost everywhere worldwide which makes it a lot easier when using the card. The prepaid card is protected by a personal pin number like any other sort of card, so you also have your personal protection when using it.


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