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Currency Exchange Currency Exchange

icon_05 Whether you need to set up a regular international transfer or if it is just a one-off event, you can find suitable currency exchange services in this area. Find the fastest and cheapest currency exchange options on Which Way To Pay Canada: you can compare exchange rates, transfer options (online, telephone), account type and costs using our simple comparison, review and information areas dedicated to currency exchange.

Loans Loans Products

icon_10 Need a loan? You can borrow from as little as $80 with some of the lenders listed on the site, or as much as $250,000 depending on the loan you want. You can compare personal loans, secured loans, credit repair loans, car loans, payday loans, consolidation loans and find lots of independent loan companies that provide fast cash solutions whatever your money needs may be. You can find loans for people with excellent records and for those with a low credit history can look into bad credit loans.

Cards Cards Products

icon_06 Nowadays, most people in Canada have a credit card. The card market is constantly growing so it is a good idea to keep up with the latest card types, offers and additional features. You may find that your card is not serving your personal needs perhaps you can find a better offer here! Which Way To Pay Canada lists many different types of cards from poor credit rating cards for low credit borrowers to secured credit cards, reward credit cards where you can earn rewards as you spend and business credit cards for your corporate needs.

Money Money Products

icon_01 Do you know what your credit report says about you? Find out by checking your personal file thanks to a specialist service offered by many of Canada's main credit reference agencies. By keeping on top of your file you can protect yourself against identity theft, request errors to be corrected and take advice and hints on how to improve your financial track record for the future.

News Charts News and Charts

Pet Insurance. Most family's have that loved pet in there life , lets make sure they are insured .
31 August 2018
Which Way To Pay
Pet Insurance is something that not everyone is aware of and how it can save you thousands of Dollars.
Personal Loan Rates Set to Rise in recent study published
31 August 2018
Which Way To Pay
Recent studies have shown a rising increase on rates attached to Personal Loans.
Avoid the middle man when wanting to lend some extra funds.
04 April 2017
Which Way To Pay
Peer to peer lending is one of the best ways to lend money as your are basically cutting out the middle man.

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